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Prior to its renovation in 2000/1, the former Wesleyan Methodist church was unused for many years. It stood dilapidated in the developing city of Darwin,

surrounded by high rise apartments and busy city streets.

The church building you see here has been part of Darwinís history since 1897 when it arrived in numbered parts, to be erected in Knuckey Street. It was specifically designed to withstand cyclones, termites and to cope with the hot, humid tropical climate.


The building has survived the bombing of Darwin during World War 11, more than 19 cyclones, neglect and abuse. In 2000 the NT Government decided that reconstructing and moving the building to the Darwin Botanic gardens was realistically the buildingís only chance for survival. In 2014 it was renamed Evaís Cafe after Evlampia Holtze.


History of the Holtze family and the Botanic Gardens can be read at the new Visitors Centre,

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